I am a freelance ceramicist, based in Brisbane, Australia.

All of my pieces are created entirely by hand, many using techniques that I have devloped myself, over a period of 30 years.




I specialise in figurative ceramic sculpture, which has lead me to create my signature wayfarer range.


The wayfarers are eccentric figuritive sculptures, each one being completely hand made and one-off. They all have their own personalities, making them total individuals.



Drawing inspiration from the 1950s Wedgwood Cabbage Ware, my own range of cabbage tableware was conceived.


Mimicking the unpredictable shapes we see in nature, I wanted to create a more improvised line of work. In this range you'll find varying colours and contrasts, as well as playful and fluid forms - all charactaristics I've found to really graciously compliment handmade ceramics.



Learn how to create your own ceramic bust in my intimate, hands on workshop.

Workshops present a great opportunity to pick up or improve on hand building ceramic sculpture techniques in a low-pressue, welcoming atmosphere.

They run for 2 days, over a weekend, at the end of which you will have created and personalised your very own piece of ceramic art to take home.




Join my classes and let me work with you to bring your ceramic concepts into practice.


Focusing on a broader range of ceramic techniques, including both sculpture and wheel throwing, these classes will equip you with the kills needed to further explore ceramic art on your own.

Each class runs for 6 weeks, one lesson per week, with small numbers so that your experience is hands on and tailored to your own way of learning.