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My mother had a pottery studio underneath the house where she worked full time as a teacher and ceramic artist.
It was a beautiful house to grow up in, filled with artwork that was swapped, bought, and gifted by Artists she was friends with. I dreamed of having the same beautiful house, rich with hand made art and work by talented artisans, beautiful pieces with deep symbolic meaning and feeling. I make what I wish to be surrounded by, and encourage the same practice in others, and I started down that road with an apprenticeship in production pottery.

As many other creative people are aware, the journey to get where I am is paved with diversions made for all sorts of reasons, and for much of my life, I spent my time working in commercial pottery, devoting less time to working as an artist and standing by my vision. However the skills that I gained during that time, backed by qualifications in Studio Ceramics and Art Therapy, allowed me to move step by step toward a community of artists and artisans in my own time, and in the early 90’s I opened Amfora Gallery here in Brisbane, which I ran in several places including the iconic Elizabeth Arcade.

Eventually I moved on from Amfora and in 2013 I dove headfirst into creating my Ceramic Art full time, beginning with my signature Lil’ Babes, one-off figurines of delicate, nymph-like girls from an alternate reality called ‘The Other Place.’

These little ladies with pink lips and petal crowns that are never all they seem, often inquisitive, sassy, conversational or sly, their expectant faces and open hands make them far more animated than I could have anticipated when they first arrived to me. Whether seen conspiring together, or on
their own journey alone, they capture something of the gothic fantasy and fable
I am inspired by.

Since 2013, I have been expanding the characters from ‘The Other Place’ that I depict. Among others I began making Lil’ Creatures - flora and fauna from ‘The Other Place’, Familiars - the companion creatures for those that wander through it’s confusing paths, Temple Lions - that guard and protect and bring good luck, and Wayfarers - which have more references to my own personal journey and the symbolism surrounding my exploration of life, death, change and rebirth.

Every piece I create is individual and one-off, with different glazes, lustres, and personalities, and I sell some of them here on the site or at my annual Open Studio. My larger or more allegorical work has also been exhibited in Galleries throughout South East Queensland including Paper Boat Press, Graydon Gallery, Hisser Gallery, Artisan, Art Nuvo and Jugglers Art Space.

I currently sculpt full time, and teach the techniques I use to others in workshops I hold at my home studio in Brisbane overlooking the surrounding bushland, that holds pieces of art and creations by artisans and friends that I have bought, swapped or been gifted over the years, as well as two friendly cats.